EMACS Editor

The EMACS editor is an amazing accomplishment that no one should ever use. It is neither a fully functional graphics editor nor is it a particularly good terminal editor. Here are more reasons to just ignore any recommendation to use EMACS:

Just say no and let those trying to convince you to use “Evil Mode” (which turns EMACS into Vi), that if you were actually interested in doing something like that you would just use the world’s best graphic editor instead.

💢 In my experience Emacs users are particularly clueless but they are even more arrogant about it. It’s fine to have strong opinions if you are willing to have them challenged, but these people are so objectively wrong on every count that it really gets under my skin. They are like Flat Earthers who refuse to accept reality because they are in love with their butt-ugly, inefficient, unsupported, ancient editor.