Editing a Web Site with GitLab Web IDE

Here’s how to use GitLab’s amazing Web IDE to edit your web site without needing anything but a web connection. This can be helpful in a pinch when your full development environment available to you.

First of All …

Step by Step

First we have to get to our web project. It is probably under your Groups (usually www). If not check your Projects.

When you find it click on it to open it.

Notice all the files that are there — including the most important file index.html.

Click on the .html file that you want to edit (probably index.html).

Now notice all the buttons to the top right — specifically Edit and Web IDE. We will be clicking Web IDE but first know that Edit is the fastest for little changes. The Web IDE opens a full Web development environment.

Go ahead and click on Web IDE.

Now you edit the files in the left sidebar. You can even upload assets.

After you have completed your work look for Commit in the bottom left and click it to save your changes and publish them automatically to Netlify.