Ed Command Line Editor

Ed is the only command line editor still is major use. Any time you do anything in Vim that begins with : you are actually using the ed editor and not vi (which originally meant visual version of ed).

💎 While many discount the use of ed from the command line as being completely impractical most people who arrive at that conclusion have never done any significant offensive security penetration testing (hacking).

Usually when you are lucky enough to find an Internet-facing vulnerability and start up a basic shell on the target system you do not have a full TTY-enabled terminal.

This leaves you with very few options when it comes to actually changing files on the target system. This is when ed shines brighter than every other editor out there. Using ed you can manipulate any file directly and most every UNIX and Linux system — no matter how small — comes with ed (and usually vi as well). So learn ed well if you want to be a true hacker.