Internet Domain Name Service / Server / DNS

A domain name is the words that go with the IP address, for example The domain names are managed by a lot of Internet Domain Name Servers that share data with each other (called propagation) in order to off-load the incredible burden of looking up the IP for every domain name all the time.

📰 Fun fact: at one point DNS was actually called YP (yellow pages) like looking up the things you can spell with a phone number.

Domain name security has always been a problem. Hackers frequently attack a domain name registrar instead of the site itself so they can hijack the domain. Those running DNS have added additional systems (usually TXT records) that added a number of security verification checks to help prevent that from happening.

DNS Records

DNS records are the lines of information stored in the DNS servers. Each has a particular type that is indicated by uppercase letters

Type Summary
NS The authoratative name servers for this domain.
TXT Any text information, often used for domain authentication.
MX Servers that handle mail for the domain, with priority.
A A very specific record, one IP for the name provided
CNAME Aliases to specific IP numbers