Development Environment

A development environment is a fancy way of saying the place where you will be creating (developing) your software application. The way you do your development will depend a lot on what you are making and your personal preferences. To simplify here are the two best development environments used by modern developers for the languages we primarily work with at SkilStak.

💬 This is a pretty broad term in the tech world. I am using it specifically to software development but it could equally be used to refer to electrical engineering or other maker development.

But First …

Step by Step

If you prefer or need a graphic development environment then setup VSCode.

If you prefer or need a terminal development environment then go with Vim plus TMUX.

💬 Vim + Screen (now TMUX) has been my preferred development since 1994.

Since a lot of software applications development is based on web technology (PWAs, Electron) you will likely also need to setup live previewing for your web development.