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Development is when you develop something, create it, make it, put it together, test it, and such. Developers develop stuff like software and firmware. Usually this title implies more significance than programmers or coders.

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Developers, Developers, Developers, Developers

Steve “Monkey Boy” Balmer, former CEO of Microsoft, all around idiot, and probable cocaine addict, is infamous for this completely insane 15 minutes during a Microsoft Developers conference in 2006. Thank GOD that freak got forced out of the company for buying Nokia and completely failing to take the company in any significant direction. He’s the epitome brain-dead billionaire who thinks the amount of money he has has anything to do at all with his actual value.

“Harsh, Mr. Rob.”

It so is. This guy destroyed the advancement of technology and humanity for almost a full decade.

Developers, Developers, Developers Developers

Developers, Developers, Developers Developers

You can search out the original version if you want. The only version worth watching is this amazing video created by ViciousAloisius. I dare you not to tap your foot while watching it. You’ll never be the same again.