Creating a Project Under a GitLab Group

Here’s how to add a new GitLab project that is under a specific GitLab group.

But First …

Step by Step

Click on the Groups drop-down menu to the left.

Select Your Groups.

Click on the group to which you want add a project.

Click on the green New Project button to the top left.

Notice there are a number of tabs across the top. We can ignore them all for the moment and use Blank Project.

Enter a Project Name. Remember the name is for humans to read. You can use uppercase and title case if you want.

Notice that your Project URL will update with your slug path.

Change your Project URL if you wish. You can use dashes (-), dots (.) but avoid underscores (_).

You can usually skip the Description.

💬 Note you cannot set the avatar icon from here (like you could for a new group) but you can from the main group listing page.

Select Private or Public for your project.

💎 Keep in mind you can have a private project for publishing a public web site. This way only people can see what is linked from the pages and your source code is protected. This is a fun way to put Easter Eggs in your site that people can discover which are not directly linked.

You don’t really need to add a but you can if you want.

Click on Create Project.