Creating a GitLab Group

Here’s how to create a GitLab group.

But First …

Step by Step

Find the Groups pull-down menu in the upper left.

Click on Your Groups.

Find the green New Group button to the right and click it.

Enter a Group name and make it something reasonable. Keep in mind that the name can be readable while the path can be lower-case, no space so that it is easier to get to.

As you type your Group name notice the Group URL will change. It’s ok to include dashes (-) and periods (.) but avoid underscores (_)

Go ahead and fix the Group URL to something you like and that is easy to remember.

You can skip Group Description and avatar for now and come back later for them.

Set your Visibility level. You probably want either public or private. Most don’t need internal at this point.

If this is your custom domain that will contain stuff you want to show off in your profile then you will want it to be public.

💬 Keep in mind that you can add private projects to a public group and people won’t be able to see them.

If it is for learning projects that you don’t want to the world to see use private.

You can also use private to contain your personal configuration settings and such but never put password information or private keys in here (without some very strong encryption at least).

Click on the green Create Group button.

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