Creating a Custom Domain Web Site

Creating a web site or progressive web app with a custom domain is ridiculously easy these days. It’s also very inexpensive.

But First …

Step By Step

  1. Get a custom domain on NameCheap.
  2. Create a GitLab group named the same as custom domain.
    1. Login to GitLab
    2. Click on Your Groups.
    3. Click on Add Group.
    4. Enter your custom domain.
  3. Create a www project under custom domain group.
    1. Click on New Project.
    2. Enter www for name and URL.
    3. Leave project private.
  4. Add at least one file to www project.
    1. Click Add README.
    2. Add something to the
    3. Click on green Commit.
  5. Netlify the www project.
    1. Login in using GitLab.
    2. Click on New Site from Git.
    3. Click on GitLab as provider.
    4. Click on www project.
    5. Scroll all the way down.
    6. Click on Deploy Site.
  6. Change Netlify www project site name.
    1. Click on Site Settings.
    2. Click on Change Site Name button.
    3. Change to name matching custom domain.
  7. Test the site at
  8. Add a custom domain to www project on Netlify.
    1. Click on Setup Custom Domain.
    2. Enter your custom domain address.
    3. Click Verify…
    4. Click Yes when asked Is it You?
    5. Click on Check DNS Configuration.
    6. Scroll to Use Netlify DNS.
    7. Click on Setup Netlify DNS for …
    8. Click on Verify
    9. Click Yes when asked Is it You?
    10. Verify records listed.
    11. Click on Continue.
    12. Cut and paste first domain name server.
    13. Click Done.
  9. Change Custom DNS on NameCheap pointing to Netlify.
    1. Login to NameCheap.
    2. Click on Dashboard.
    3. Locate your custom domain.
    4. Click on Manage on the right.
    5. Scroll to Nameservers.
    6. Change to Custom DNS.
    7. Paste your nameserver from Netlify.
    8. Create three more nameserver entries.
      1. Increment the numbers 1–4.
    9. Click the green check to save.
  10. Wait about 24 hours for DNS to propagate.
    1. Check back regularly on Netlify for update.
      1. Watch the Custom DNS Configuration.
  11. Enable HTTPS in Netlify when ready.
  12. Test the site by using the new custom domain.
  13. Pick out a custom HTML5 template.
  14. Clone the www project to your local workstation.
  15. Download and customize HTML template into www project.
  16. Commit and push customized template to GitLab.
  17. Test the site by using the new custom domain.