How can I contribute?

Many have asked over the years how to contribute. Some just want to write a check. Others prefer mentoring or contributing code. Some bring in great food. Others are a wealth of knowledge and motivation, just their presence is a donation. Your willingness to contribute bolsters my motivation when things get difficult as they often do.

Can I donate time, talent, or experience?

I greatly value professional wisdom and experience. If you have either or both and want to share reach out and we can work out how you can best donate your time and talents to the cause. Here are some ways others have done so in the past:

  • forum discussions and debates,
  • field trips to their organizations,
  • specific mentoring to community members,
  • bringing baked goods and barbeque to events,
  • getting the word out,
  • organizing events for their communities,
  • acting as school liasons and outreach connections,
  • business consulting and mentoring,
  • participating in our online chat,
  • providing internship opportunities,
  • contributing material to

Can I donate cash, money, check?

Sure! 😁 Please visit my Patreon page for details.

If you prefer to write a check or hand over some cash because you believe in what I'm doing and just want to help us out we are—of course–always grateful. Every dollar contributed helps us keep doing required tasks such as the following:

  • researching latest innovations from the tech industry,
  • writing and creating material,
  • presenting at regional and national educational conferences,
  • educating our local community.

Unfortunately I don't believe donations can be written off of taxes because of our S-Corporation status.

How can I sponsor someone?

Yes! The Benefactor and Patron tiers are for exactly that.

Some prefer donating directly to individuals who are hungry to learn but lack even the minimum finances required to sign up for personal lessons to get them there. Such benevolent people often are so busy they have not met potential candidates that they would sponsor.

Many of these candidates fall outside the lines of those enrolled in even regular public school and are indeed hard to find. Those with Autism, ADHD, dyslexia, and many other special needs have signed up for SkilStak in the past where sometimes even their public school would not accept them to their coding after-school clubs.

Mr. Rob and his wife Doris are both parents of autistic children. Doris actively volunteers teaching yoga to the local Ignite adult autistic group.

Eligible candidates can be nominated by any current member by simple contacting me.

Doris and I will select a candidate and, as apporproate, post a profile for the candidate to which the archived donation is linked.

Donors are directly paying for the selected candidate to join and sign up for lessons.

Candidates will be selected based on the following:

  1. greatest financial need,
  2. highest demonstrated motivation and potential,
  3. commitment to helping others with what they learn.

Would you like my old computer or hardware?

Yes and no. Many members would be thrilled to get an old machine on which they can install Linux or make them into servers they run from home. When you have such things available to donate please post them to the Discord chat rather than arrange to bring them here. I simply do not have room for many such things.