A coder is someone who writes code. It refers to beginners, programmers, and developers. Earning the title of Coder demonstrates you can code for fun and profit and do so independently.

Earning the Coder Title

Most will complete the Coder requirements in about 200 hours and be able to apply their coding skills pragmatically on the job and in their personal lives. Often this can be enough to get an internship or beginner job.

  • Setup a Workstation
  • Setup Coder Accounts and Services
  • Explain SkilStak Coder Language Selections
  • Learn EzMark Markdown
  • Learn JSON
  • Learn Basic YAML
  • Learn Google Forms
  • Learn Basic Google Sheets
  • Learn Simple Data Modeling
  • Learn Unix Command Line
  • Customize Your Bash Environment
  • Learn Basic Shell Scripting
  • Learn Basic Phaser3 Game Development
  • Learn Basic Web Development
  • Learn Basic Vue Development
  • Learn Basic Go Coding
  • Learn Basic Python Coding
  • Complete Coder Projects
  • Pass a Take-Home Assessment
  • Type at Least 30 Words Per Minute
  • Complete a Progress Interview

Complete Coder Projects

These projects are done on your own only asking for help as needed. They must be published publicly and finished to a level that you are comfortable sharing with others. Create a single markdown document or web page that summarized how you fulfilled the requirements for each with links.

  • Setup One or More Personal Workstations
  • Create Several Bash Aliases and Functions
  • Code and Maintain a Basic Web Site
  • Create and Maintain Some Data in YAML
  • Create a Google Sheet with Formulas
  • Code a Basic Game with Phaser3
  • Complete a Basic Arduino Project in C
  • Use Vue in a Web Site or App
  • Code a Basic Terminal Python App
  • Code a Basic Suite of Command Line Utilities in Go

What's Comes After Coder?