"Should I get a certificate?"

Certificates represent the work you did to acquire the skills, knowledge, and abilities associated with the title. SkilStak has two certificate types.

Certificates of Completion

Completing most courses includes the option to apply for a Certificate Work Assessment Review, which is a fancy way of saying, have a professional spend a significant amount of time evaluating and providing feedback about the completed project, assignments, and technical journal submitted at course completion.

This way students who do not wish to commit to additional number of hours working independently and in labs are not required to pay for the additional work required by the instructor and professionals to conduct the work assessment.

A final job-like interview is also required to best prepare candidates to defend their accomplishment to others both professionally and academically.

Note that some courses require a certificate of completion in another course as a prerequisite. This ensures everyone in the higher-level courses are reasonably close to one another in mastery and knowledge.

Certificates of Achievement

These certificates demonstrate initial mastery and more than 500 hours of time dedicated mostly to creating significant projects independently and as a team. The goal is to bring students to a level of absolute confidence that they can start work professionally in positions matching certificate titles.

Python Developer

Node Developer

Golang Developer

GNU/Linux® C Developer

Microelectronics Programmer

Unreal Engine® Programmer

Unreal Engine® Game Designer

Database Developer

GNU/Linux® Systems Engineer

DevOps Engineer

Frontend Developer

Backend Developer

Full-Stack Developer

Web Server Administrator

Full-Stack Engineer

Systems Security Analyst

Offensive Security Professional

SkilStak® Lab Instructor

SkilStak® Co-Learning Community Leader