Browsersync Live Web Preview Tool

Definitively and objectively the best live preview web development tool.

Installing Browsersync

Installing Browsersync is the same for Mac, Windows, or Linux because it uses NPM, which you must first install.

Once you have NPM installed it’s pretty easy to install browser-sync on anything.

sudo npm install -g browser-sync

⚠️ Warning: don’t forget the dash. It’s browser-sync!

The sudo is required be because we are installing a package globally on this computer.

The npm is the Node Package Manager required for installing most JavaScript Node.js software.

The -g means install this “package” globally.

⚠️ If you leave out the -g npm will (stupidly) try to install locally and create node_modules and a stuff in your local directory that you will have to remove. Super annoying, but it is what it is.

+ browsersync@0.0.1-security
added 1 package and audited 1 package in 2.533s

Running Browsersync in Server Mode

First of all cd into the directory you are working on.

browser-sync start \
    --no-notify --no-ui \
    --ignore '**/.*' \