Brew, The Missing Mac Package Manager

Brew is to Mac what apt is to Debian Linux. Both allow you to install, update, and remove software packages from your system.

Installing Brew

You will need admin rights to your Mac. If you don’t know what that means stop and figure it out right now. Don’t proceed until you do.

Head over to to confirm the latest install instructions, but for as long as Brew has existed the following will install it from the command line, which is the only way. There is nothing to download.

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Don’t forget to “Press RETURN to continue.”

You will the be prompted for your password.

You will need to wait quite a while for stuff to install — including XCode. Don’t do anything until you see the following:

  Run 'brew help' to get started.

You will then be able to do things from the command line again. If you are unsure just try ls to see if it works.