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2023 Boost - Week 6#

This week is focused on text file filtering, transformation, sorting, and editing in-place (without a terminal editor). We also introduce the ed, the "standard UNIX terminal editor" (so that we can better understand commands and editors that have been derived from it).


  1. What is the difference between a carriage return and line return?
  2. How do I print a carriage return in output?
  3. What is the difference between echo and printf?
  4. What is a "string"?
  5. What's POSIX and why do I care?
  6. How do I filter out only certain lines of a file?
  7. How do I search within a file from command line?
    • grep
    • bash while loop (but we'll cover that later)
  8. What are "regular expressions" and why do I care?
  9. What is the difference between "basic" and "extended" regex?
  10. How do I ensure I'm always using "extended" regex?
  11. What is a "field"?
  12. What is "white space"?
  13. How do I limit output to just the n-th column?
    • awk

Last update: 2023-06-10