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2023 Boost Overview#

Here's what we currently plan to cover in 2023 (not necessarily in this order):

  • Learning to learn the RWX way (becoming an autodidact).
  • History and use of UNIX and Linux operating systems.
  • Install terminal application, podman, and Ubuntu Linux container.
  • Know the difference between a container and a virtual machine.
  • Navigate and manage files from command line.
  • Manage processes from command line.
  • Edit text with commands and with terminal editors.
  • Take efficient, searchable notes with Markdown and MkDocs.
  • Work with structured data in JSON, YAML, and delimited formats.
  • Understand how the Internet actually works.
  • Save source to GitHub with git and gh from command line.
  • Write safe shell scripts in bash and ash with shellcheck.
  • Follow UNIX philosophies and use filters over plugins.
  • Customize Bash profile and environment.
  • Customize Vim text editing sessions.
  • Manage terminal windows with screen and TMUX.
  • Do effective research from command line with lynx, w3m, and AI (ChatGPT).
  • Sample a little coding in Perl, Python, C, Go.
  • Understand the basics of a Dockerfile and when to use one.
  • Organize commands for portability and start your own "dot files" repo.
  • Create and maintain a consumable, sustainable resume.
  • Learn just enough Web development to create a personal profile page.
  • Network and foster a professional learning network/community.
  • Know when and how to certify and get a good starting Linux job.

What won't we learn?#

  • How to install Linux on hardware.
  • How to use Linux graphic user interfaces, desktops, and window managers.

Last update: 2023-05-13