New Progressive Web App!

The new is up and running!

Be sure to have a look at the welcome page. I went for the design and look of a readable book with deliberate styles backed by research and influenced by

Capturing New Learning Content Immediately

I'm excited that I've been able to create and adjust learning content while it is being taught. A little editing, a GitHub commit and push after class, and it all gets published automatically to Netlify.

I'm convinced there is no faster and easier way to create and maintain technical learning content. This level of responsive instructional design is the conclusion of five years of research and experimentation to find a way to create and maintain learning content that can actually keep up with the pace of change. I've shared these lessons as part of the SOIL initiative I've started.

A Brief Summary of How

This version is a modern progressive web app built with the amazing—and relatively new—VuePress framework which comes with built in offline-caching, localized search query support from title and header content, plug-in Google analytics, JAMStack compatibility, SEO optimization, and full theme customization.

That all might sound complicated, but the beautiful thing is how simple it really is. Anyone with VSCode and GitHub can do it.

✨ VuePress could very well become the modern standard for all technical writing and other educational content because it follows simple, established web writing standards while allowing embedded interactivity in the form of programmable, reusable web components. ✨

A Lot of Reseached Content for Free, Forever

The new already has more than a 480 searchable terms, some frequently asked questions, and a some tutorials with more on the way. I've only started to collect and organize all the content here and spend most of my non-teaching moments working on it. Eventually everything I have taught (or will teach) will be available here. That's thousands of hours of research and content creation available to you for free, forever.

Worry Free

No current or former student need worry about not being able to refer to the learning they did while here. Instead, current and former members can carry the content around on their phones available online and off.

Sharing Lessons Learned as Well

I've also collected and released the core lessons and conclusions I've come to during the process in the form of the Sustainable Open Interactive Learning (SOIL) initiative. I hope to get other like-minded educators to participate as we rethink how learning content can be created and managed in a way that can actually keep up thereby serving the needs of those we help learn better than anything that now exists.

Your Help Always Appreciated

Of course, those wishing to help can join or contribute their time and talents or directly through Patreon.

Thanks as always,

Mr. Rob