Blogging is logging stuff on the web. I might have even invented it.

💢 Blogging has always been a better form of communication than tweeting — originally called micro-blogging — because it requires a deeper thought process and greater literacy.

[President Trump is a perfect example of everything that is wrong with Twitter. He is allowed to threaten physical violence while others are silenced just for disagreements.]

Twitter and other centralized information services exert totalitarian corporate control that extinguishes your 1st amendment rights. That’s not FUD. It’s fact.

Blogging doesn’t.

This blog is mostly for myself and adult peers. Every word should be considered in that context. I put this blog here (instead of behind some anonymous pseudonym somewhere) mostly to help you decide if you would pay to be around me. 😁


I started SkilStak mostly because our educational system is just so woefully broken. Fixing this stuff first requires calling it out for what it is, creating a dialog about it, and experimenting with solutions (not just complaining to complain like so many “experts” seem to do).

SkilStak has been a wild and wonderful educational experiment. This blog documents our discoveries as our community seeks real solutions through pragmatic experimentation in our unique learning laboratory.

[And yes, we do regularly blow stuff up (metaphorically speaking).]


Warning: This blog is rated-M (language, themes).

If you continue reading be prepared for

If nothing else, you will definitely get a sense of who I am. Consider it time well spent if it helps you decide whether to register for a session or run away screaming. I’ll do my best to like you either way. But, if you do insist on liking really stupid stuff it will be pretty damn hard. 🤪