SkilStak Application Interview

A free application interview is required for acceptance into our community before doing anything else. The interview provides an opportunity for everyone to assess if SkilStak is a good fit, that our goals and personalities align (not necessarily aptitude). This is critical since almost all learning here happens one-on-one. My time is very limited and I prefer to maximize the positive impact I can make with it.

For example, I would rather spend my time helping future engineers with dreams of working for emerging solar energy companies more than training up money-focused future employees of Bank of America, Wells Fargo, Monsanto, Philip Morris, Oracle, WeWork, Konami, Bethesda, Alt-Right, Donald Trump (or any other comic-book evil organization).

If accepted, I’ll explain several things that can be done independently while waiting for a time slot including getting familiar with a loaner Linux laptop.

Those accepted may also join our private chat server and, of course, review our open curriculum.

Please contact me to schedule an interview during any available time on the schedule. Sunday has been specifically set aside for them.