Anakin Syndrome

Anakin Syndrome is a lesser form of Bozo Syndrome which can kill most technologists if left unchecked. Simply put it is acting like you are more powerful than everyone around you — especially your master / mentor — and eventually having contempt for those trying to help you the most.

You may be powerful — but you are also stupid and unwise and cannot see it — and yes, you’ll probably need to have your legs removed to stop your reckless, un-checked power even though your cognitive dissonance is so strong you cannot see your master “has the high ground.” You are so blinded by ego you refuse to accept even the most obvious realities.

I have personally witnessed Anakin Syndrome destroy amazing individuals.

In general, those with Anakin Syndrome stop asking themselves the question, “What if everyone did this? What if everyone behaved like I am behaving?” They lose all empathy and connection to the very people they are working for, mentoring, or protecting.

We are all often guilty of some Anakin Syndrome. The key is to be ever watchful to see it does not take us over. Lest we all become Vaders, or worse, Donald Trumps.