Adding a Minecraft Spigot Server Plugin

Here’s how to add a Spigot or Bukkit plugin once you have downloaded the .jar file.

But First …

Step by Step

Change into the directory containing your spigot*.jar file.

Create a directory called plugins and change into it

mkdir plugins
cd plugins

Now we can move the *.jar files into here with the mv command.

mv ~/Downloads/*.jar .

This moves any file ending in .jar from your home directory (/home/rob in my case) into the current directory right here (which is what . means).

💬 You may notice other files ending in .jar got moved here. You probably don’t need them and can just delete them.

Now all we need to do is stop (if needed) and start the server.

[Starting a Minecraft Server]

Watch for the output text to the screen that relates to your plugin that you just installed.

[13:33:41 INFO]: [Essentials] Enabling Essentials vTeamCity
[13:33:41 INFO]: Creating config from template: /home/rob/minecraft/plugins/Essentials/config.yml
[13:33:41 INFO]: [Essentials] Starting Essentials ban format conversion
[13:33:41 INFO]: Creating empty config: /home/rob/minecraft/plugins/Essentials/upgrades-done.yml
[13:33:41 INFO]: Using locale en_US
[13:33:41 INFO]: Creating config from template: /home/rob/minecraft/plugins/Essentials/worth.yml
[13:33:41 INFO]: Using locale en_US
[13:33:41 INFO]: [Essentials] This plugin collects minimal statistic data and sends it to
[13:33:41 INFO]: [Essentials] You can opt out, disabling metrics for all plugins, by running /essentials opt-out
[13:33:41 INFO]: [Essentials] This will start 5 minutes after the first admin/op joins.
[13:33:41 INFO]: Essentials: Using config file enhanced permissions.
[13:33:41 INFO]: Permissions listed in as player-commands will be given to all users.

Before you connect and try out your new plugins take a look at where the configuration files are located for each.

cd ~/minecraft/plugins 

Each plugin is different but this is where both the .jar plugin file lives as well as the configuration files for it. PluginMetrics is a special directory with information about all the plugins.

⚠️ If you need to change your plugin settings don’t forget you have to restart your server. Aren’t you glad you learned vi?

Now connect and enjoy your new plugins!

[Connecting to a Local Minecraft Server]