Protecting Passwords and Privacy

  1. Show how to use Chrome Incognito and explain why
  2. Describe why passwords should never be saved in browser
  3. Explain what COPPA is and why it exists

Searching, Reading, and Typing

  1. Show searching for a specified topic using Google
  2. Show reading comprehension at a fourth grade level
  3. Type 24 wpm on (Aesop's Fable)
  4. Use Google Docs to take notes

Using Gmail

  1. Login to Gmail and demonstrate remembering password
  2. Explain why Gmail password is one-to-rule-them-all
  3. Show both recovery options (email, phone) are set

Communicating at SkilStak

  1. Ensure you and at least one parent is on mailing list
  2. Show using SkilStak private Slack chat (13+ only)
  3. Describe when to phone, chat, text, or email for SkilStak

Contextual History

  1. Watch and discuss "Coding Rockstars"
  2. Define "coding" and compare to "programming"
  3. Watch and prepare to discuss "History of the Computer"
    (Discovery Channel via YouTube)
  4. Watch "Triumph of the Nerds" documentary (YouTube) (Optional)
  5. Watch "Nerds 2.0.1" documentary (YouTube) (Optional)

Computational Thinking

  1. Discuss why Steve Jobs says you should learn to program
  2. Describe the benefits of "computational thinking"
  3. Define and discuss the term "algorithm"
  4. Create an every day algorithm using nothing but text
  5. Describe why "computational thinking" is not enough

Basic Syntax Practice

  1. Complete Forest Fire Dancing (Functions) in in Python
  2. Reset your progress in Settings
  3. Complete Forest Fire Dancing (Functions) in in JavaScript
  4. Create a Python3 "Hello World" script and run it
  5. Create a basic web page with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript

Chrome Developer Tools

  1. Show how to "hack" a web page with inspect element
  2. Code "Hello World" from the JavaScript console
  3. Show what a web page looks like on mobile

Code Editors

  1. Create a file in VSCode
  2. Rename a file in VSCode
  3. Use VSCode editor to write and run a simple script
  4. Use VI CLI editor to write a simple script
  5. Describe how to lookup VI editor commands
  6. Cite one case where ed is the best editor
  7. Describe why nano is a bad editor to use
  8. Describe why emacs is an unnecessary editor to use
  9. Compare and contrast Atom and VI

Remote Development

  1. Explain how remote development is important to professionals
  2. Connect to another's Mac and make it say something
  3. Explain why remote access is harder from Windows
  4. Connect to using Mac terminal
  5. Explain what "cloud" means
  6. Show how to backup using Google Drive
  7. Describe what is for and who can use it
  8. Install Microsoft VS Code on a home computer
  9. Download code from Google Drive, edit, and upload
  10. In lab, sync and show your changes made at home

Basic Digital Graphics Tools

  1. Create your own pixel art using
  2. Create basic art using
  3. Use to begin your story game flow map
  4. Put your own art into a modified game

Basic Sound Tools

  1. Describe why sound is important
  2. Create a music track in Garage Band
  3. Add a sound track to a modified game
  4. Download free sound effects from safe websites
  5. Add one or more sound effects to a modified game

Game and Simulation Engines

  1. Modify a 2D game in
  2. Become familiar with
  3. Compare and contrast Unity with Unreal Engine

Physical Computing

  1. Assemble, boot, and explore a Raspberry Pi
  2. Assemble, boot, and explore an Arduino
  3. Compare and contrast Raspberry Pi to Arduino
  4. Describe the different types of Pi and Arduino


  1. Describe how the Internet work generally
  2. Define "ports" and why they are important
  3. Describe the relationship between "client" and "server"
  4. Explain why running "my own server" at home usually fails

Basic Command Line

  1. Describe when and why to use the command line
  2. Describe the components of the command line prompt
  3. Use ls, ls -a (and Windows equiv dir)
  4. Use cd, cd .., cd <dir>
  5. Run a program from the command line
  6. Use <ctrl>-c to cancel something
  7. Use exit to close the command line

Operating Systems

  1. Compare and contrast Apple, Microsoft, and Linux

Universal Shortcuts

  1. Show task switching using only keyboard
  2. Show size increase and decrease with keyboard
  3. Show how to close a window using keyboard shortcut
  4. Show how to close and application using keyboard shortcut
  5. Show how to full screen an application using keyboard
  6. Show screen shots using only keyboard
  7. Show how to start anything with only keyboard (spotlight)
  8. Describe the term "search bar world" and why it matters
  9. Show how to toggle the terminal in VSCode

SkilStak Pedagogy

  1. Compare learning at SkilStak to learning in public school
  2. Summarize SkilStak's approach in one sentence
  3. Explain just-in-time learning and why #1 skill required
  4. Explain SkilStak Core Offerings generally
  5. Describe SkilStak policies
  6. Tell what "mastery" is and why it matters
  7. Describe how you will know you are actually learning
  8. Tell why 90 minutes a week is not enough to learn anything
  9. Create and sign an individual development plan